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News — Lure Building

Fishing DIY Muddy Minnows

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Just a few pictures of June trout fishing. Did a few trips with the ladies, nothing quite like having women fishing to humble a guy; they always catch more fish.

As the weather heats up so do the German browns, and the Muddy Minnow answers the call. We hooked up some beautiful fish including rainbow trout, and even a nice cutthroat. Trolled some of my favorite Rapala patterns next to Muddy Minnows just to keep things honest and the Muddy Minnow won out conservatively 2 to 1. Not only are they a cost effective DYI lure they've...

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Muddy Bros Announces Affiliate Program

muddy bros Fishing and outdoor sports affiliate program Lure Building

Muddy Brothers is pleased to announce our association with Refersion, a key affiliate tracking program for our web platform. If you have a fishing or outdoor sports and recreation website, blog, or forum, and you would like to promote our awesome products, simply click on the Affiliate link here or at the bottom of any of our web pages. Once you sign up and we approve you, you will get a link that you can use to refer people to our site. If someone buys one of our awesome products from your referral, you get a 10% commission. It's that simple.


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New Muddy Bros Lure Prototype Proves Effective Within Minutes

muddy bros crank bait making Crankbait building Lure Building Lure making

Today the head Muddy Brother Mad Scientist debuted a super secret prototype lure. Deployed for action testing, the lure scored the largest fish of the day within moments of hitting the water. Just sayin.

The new lure is still under development, and will complement existing Muddy Bros lure building kits nicely. We hope to have it out this fall.

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