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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to mold a Muddy Minnow? 

The casting process is temperature sensitive. It takes 10 to 15 minutes before the hard bait body can be de-molded, full curing takes 12 to 24 hours, however the lure can be completed immediately after de-molding if care is taken.

Are the Muddy Minnow crank baits paintable? 

Yes, if you prefer to paint the lure with your own pattern instead of using the included decals, the lures take most paint very well. 

What is an Easy-To-Use split ring? 

Our Easy-To-Use split ring is a very unique and patented kind of split ring that requires no tools and minimal time and effort to use. They are used to join pennies to pennies and hooks in the Penny Lure Kit and a slightly larger version secures the treble hooks on the Muddy Minnow. 

 What sizes do the Muddy Minnows come in? 

At the moment the Muddy Minnow Kit makes Muddy Minnows that have a body length of 2 and 3/4 inches in length. This is the equivalent size of a #07 Rapala, to name one example. We are working on kits to make other sizes.

 Is it hard to make fishing lures? 

While it requires some patience and dexterity to make fishing lures at home, it is not overly difficult for the average fisherman.

Do these lures really catch fish? 

Absolutely. While no one can predict what the fishing might be like on a given day in a given place, we have fished these lures extensively and found that they perform as well or better than lures retailing in the $8-10 dollar range.

 The Penny Lure Kit Punches holes in pennies. Isn't that illegal? 

No, it isn't. The laws pertaining to altering currency are wholly aimed at activities that involve fraud. It is perfectly legal to use pennies to make Penny Lures. You may be familiar with the novelty machines found at tourist attractions that smash pennies into souvenir medallions. These machines are perfectly legal. Making penny lures is also perfectly legal.

How Fast Will My Order Ship? 

Orders are shipped out USPS every day, weekends and holidays excepted. Generally orders placed before 2pm Mountain Time will ship out the same day.